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Artist's Statement

My work explores concepts of individual and group identity, community, who we are and how we are connected. By drawing on the relationship between Eastern philosophies, scientific research on social bonding, and theories of listening, I investigate the relationship between sound, thought and listening and how these can be used to create bonds on a physical, chemical and psychological level. Through the connection between sound, art and science, I explore how sound and thought can create different environments and realities through our actions and behaviours, as an act of


By examining the politics and concepts around sound and listening, I question the auditory nature of sound and the ability of sound to manifest into other forms that can be used as a potential vehicle for bonding or healing.

My current work explores these themes using printmaking, sculpture, installation, video, animation and the diorama as a way of representing sound visually. I am also currently exploring the diorama as means of individual and collective diary making.

In the current global political climate where seemingly, more barriers between people are being erected (between different nations, religions, the genders), my work offers a countermeasure by creating small sites for community engagement that stimulate individual and group reflection and encourage community bonding.

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